What is BenefitsGuide: Business Listings?


Think of it as "all you can eat leads" for $20 a month.

Business Listings is a new application that is available on the Salesforce AppExchange. 

It is a tool that allows you to search our national database of businesses that have recently filed the Federal Tax Form 5500, select the records that you want, and click to import the Account, Contacts, Tax Filing and all the related Schedules to your instance of Salesforce.

Click here for a 3 minute recorded demonstration of Business Listings

Identify businesses that you would like to target then import those Account, Contacts, Form 5500 Tax Filings and all the related Schedules directly into your instance of Salesforce with a click.  You can even view or download a pdf of the filed Form 5500 from any Tax Filing record.

form 5500 business listings leads tax filings

The information inserted into Salesforce includes every field from the Form 5500 and all the related Schedules.

Once imported, you can build list views and reports to filter by any field on the Account, Contact, or Tax Filing and Schedules found on the Federal Tax filing.

Learn how to use information pulled from the Form 5500 to find and evaluate both employee benefits / group insurance and retirement planning prospects and opportunities.

Use BenefitsGuide: Business Listings to identify:
  1. the right people to contact
  2. businesses that may be overpaying commissions
  3. how much the opportunity may be worth to you and is it even worth pursuing?
  4. businesses that work with a 'weak' broker

    Finding new business opportunities is always just a few clicks away with the all new BenefitsGuide: Business Listings. 

    Click here to watch a 3 minute record demonstration of the Business Listings application

About The Author

With over 20 years of experience in the world of employee benefits and insurance technology, Jason is the founder and chief evangelist of BenefitsGuide, an insurance agency management system and CRM built entirely on the Salesforce Platform that streamlines the process of selling and servicing group insurance and employee benefits from the perspective of an insurance broker, general agent, PEO, and insurance carrier. Jason also owns and oversees the group insurance brokerage based in New York that he founded in 1996.