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Tell us a little bit about your business, not too much, nothing crazy, just answer a few high level questions so that there will be a basis for your consultation with one of our business analysts.

They will use your answers to identify opportunities for improvement and to recommend actual solutions that are automated, integrated and will reduce the time required to service your existing business. 

Often, these solutions can be implemented immediately. 

it's just this one page and should only take 2 minutes


"This system is the best tool for running our broker agency.  It is customizable, and makes our work flow extremely efficient and is very user friendly.  Our business is lean and more efficient because of BenefitsGuide. We never miss a task because of the way the system works. We have workflows that lead to the next step of selling, servicing and renewing group insurance products.   We have been using BenefitsGuide for over 6 years and couldn’t be happier with it.  The support has been excellent as well with prompt attention and quick responses."

Managing Partner, Gary Levine & Associates, Ltd / LG Planning Group

"BenefitsGuide just makes sense! It houses and organizes a massive amount of information in an easy to locate and use fashion. The ability to track and remind us of upcoming tasks will ensure that opportunities and to do items are addressed on time. The training videos are awesome, and the instructions are easy to follow and informative. BenefitsGuide allows me to continue Living the Dream, Selling Insurance!"

Employee Benefits Guru |CEO | Health, Dental, Life Insurance Broker