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Ease is now integrated with the BenefitsGuide: Insurance Agency Management System so that:

  1. You can now push a group Account, the current employee census, the policy and eligibility information to Ease instantly creating the new group using your data from BenefitsGuide


    - OR -

    push a group Account, the current employee census, the policy and eligibility information from Ease to BenefitsGuide.

  2. Elections made online during the enrollment process in Ease can be automatically created in BenefitsGuide as Member Transactions related to the correct Contact and Plan records

  3. Workflow tasks related to the Member Transaction are automatically created and assigned to the person on your team responsible for communicating the election to the different insurance carriers

Fill out the form on this page to watch a recorded demonstration of the ALL NEW BenefitsGuide: Ease Integration



Complete this form to watch a recorded demonstration of the All New BenefitsGuide: Ease Integration


"If you are a growing agency and need an organized system that is flexible and scalable to take your business to the next level you need...Benefits Guide. It has completely revolutionized how we track client calls, tasks, emails, new business, renewals, and reporting with his system. We demo'd many products from his competitors before choosing Benefits Guide and for the first time are confident that our house is in order and ready to grow to any size."

Managing Partner at Employee Benefit Services of Maryland

"BenefitsGuide just makes sense! It houses and organizes a massive amount of information in an easy to locate and use fashion. The ability to track and remind us of upcoming tasks will ensure that opportunities and to do items are addressed on time. The training videos are awesome, and the instructions are easy to follow and informative. BenefitsGuide allows me to continue Living the Dream, Selling Insurance! "

Employee Benefits Guru |CEO | Health, Dental, Life Insurance Broker