Creating Employee Benefit Booklets Quick and Easy


Have you ever wished that you had an easy button?

Do you spend too much time creating Benefit Booklets for your clients each and every year as part of their renewal and open enrollment?

easybutton-1While employee benefits are the most expensive line item after salaries, most employers don’t do a great job communicating the benefits offered to their employees.

Imagine if you could press the easy button and instantly create beautiful custom branded employee benefits booklets for any of your clients using the data already existing within your agency management system .   These employee benefits booklets include information about plan benefits, eligibility, plan options including cost per pay period, co payments, deductibles, prescription costs, and more.

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It simply makes sense for insurance brokers to provide this type of communication tool to all of their clients’ employees each and every year as part of the renewal and open enrollment processes.  

The reality is that only the better brokerages are providing some of their key clients with an updated benefit booklet every year; most employer groups have no such document available to communicate benefits to employees.

This is because the creation of these benefit booklets has been very time consuming; most of the available systems require a lot of redundant data entry, typographical errors are common, as such, the benefit booklets are very costly to create.  
That is until now.
BenefitsGuide users can now create beautiful custom branded  employee benefit booklets that are client distribution ready with the click of a button.
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About The Author

With over 20 years of experience in the world of employee benefits and insurance technology, Jason is the founder and chief evangelist of BenefitsGuide, an insurance agency management system and CRM built entirely on the Salesforce Platform that streamlines the process of selling and servicing group insurance and employee benefits from the perspective of an insurance broker, general agent, PEO, and insurance carrier. Jason also owns and oversees the group insurance brokerage based in New York that he founded in 1996.