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ThinkThank Insurance Partners is an employee benefits focused insurance brokerage based in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois that employs a team of 9 account executives, managers, and administrators. 


ThinkTankThis case study presents a comprehensive analysis of how ThinkTank addressed their challenges including time-consuming processes for renewal management, compliance tracking, and claims resolution.
ThinkTank found an effective solution using BenefitsGuide that saved the agency owners 10 hours a week in operational management, reduced the time spent on compliance tracking by 50%, streamlined workflow automation, and enhanced data analytics. 

Challenge: The ThinkTank Headache

1. Renewal Management

The renewal process was time-intensive, marked by redundant communications and inefficiency, especially during the critical fourth quarter. 

2. Compliance Tracking

Manual tracking of client compliance, including ACA reporting and Picori, was cumbersome, consuming several hours per document per client. 

3. Claims Management

Handling claims was disjointed due to lack of email integration, leading to time wasted searching for old emails related to the claim history.

4. Preventing Lost Clients

A lack of consolidated information on carrier nuances led to a misunderstanding about underwritten rates, resulting in the loss of a significant client. 

Solution: BenefitsGuide is the Key

1. Automated Task Management

The system automated essential tasks, improving the efficiency of renewal and claims management.  

2. Comprehensive Reporting

The ability to examine their data all in almost infinite combinations, display it in easy-to understand formats allowed them to understand and act on the data. 

3. Integration with Email

Integrating with applications their team is already using, like Outlook and Gmail, streamlined the process of managing a claim while also improving the overall documentation of the claim history. 

4. Enhanced Data Accessibility

 A centralized information system enabled easy access to carrier-specific details, reducing the risk of errors. 

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Results: ThinkTank's Success Story

ThinkTank's journey showcases how implementing the BenefitsGuide Insurance Agency Management System successfully can address critical challenges and unlock business growth.

1. Enhanced Renewal Management

BenefitsGuide's automated reports reduced internal meeting times and eliminated unnecessary communications, saving approximately 10 hours weekly.

2. Efficient Compliance Tracking

The tool reduced the time required for compliance-related tasks by 50%, making processes like ACA reporting and Picori more efficient. 

3. Improved Claims Process

The automated organization of claims-related tasks reduced time spent on claims issues by about 20%, allowing the team to focus on higher-value activities. 

4. Improved Client Retention

With improved access to carrier details and nuances, the team can now avoid misunderstandings that led to client loss, preserving critical revenue streams. 

Conclusion: Transformation Achievements

ThinkTank's journey showcases how implementing the BenefitsGuide Insurance Agency Management System successfully can address critical challenges and unlock business growth.
ThinkTank Insurance Partners transformed their operations by using BenefitsGuide to enhance productivity, streamline crucial processes, and improved client retention.  
ThinkTank successfully addressed existing challenges and also positioned their business for future growth.  
This case study highlights the potential of other insurance agencies to achieve similar transformative results. 

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