Limelight and BenefitsGuide: Seamless Integration


How do you produce small group benefit and rate comparisons?

Are you entering the same information in different spreadsheets systems year after year over the course of the life of a client?

Eliminating costly redundant data entry saves time and money; both hard and soft costs

limelightlogo.pngIf you are not in a major market like NY, NJ or TX it is unlikely that you have access to an online tool that allows you to easily prepare small group cross carrier comparison spreadsheets.

Did you know that Limelight allows you to quote small group in ANY market nationally? They also have a library of the small group plans with benefits and rates pre-loaded that are included as part of their service in certain major markets (CA, CO, IL, NJ, NY and TX).

Limelight and BenefitsGuide have developed an integration that allows real time updates from BenefitsGuide to Limelight.

data_integration_clouds.jpgYou can use the information that you already manage in BenefitsGuide in Limelight to create beautiful, branded proposals of medical, dental, vision and life, as well as real time employee contribution modeling and employee decision support tools.

Simply by checking a box on the Account record in BenefitsGuide labeled “Sync with Limelight” all of the information needed to “quote” that group is instantly sent to Limelight.

Limelight is your solution for a better, more efficient way to manage your small group quoting, employee contribution modeling and decision support tools.

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Just another reason to love Limelight and BenefitsGuide.

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