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Finally an integration solution that is both easy and affordable.

Have you ever taken a moment to consider how much time and money you would save if you could eliminate redundant data entry?

Most insurance brokers have no clue the amount of money spent doing data entry.

Think about how many times over the course of the life of a client that someone in your office is entering information about them from one spreadsheet to another, or into an RFP or client presentation, or system used for quoting or online enrollment.  Then consider how much it costs to have those people doing that work, both the hard and soft costs; it’s a lot.

Until now it has been extremely expensive to securely integrate the different applications used to run an insurance broker business.   The software required to do this could cost $2500, $4500, $6500 a month or more AND then you need to pay expensive consultants to set it up and change it every time some requirement changes.

Now there is a better way and at a fraction of the cost.

Introducing the Jitterbit Harmony Integration Platform as a Managed Service that is exclusively available to subscribers of BenefitsGuide.

This one of a kind managed service enables you to integrate ANYTHING securely with your instance of BenefitsGuide and it is both easy and affordable.

Connect BenefitsGuide Insurance CRM with all the other applications that you use to run your business - basically the other insurance software vendors; ben admin platform, quoting, content, etc.

No need to reinvent the wheel

Included in the service are the pre-built Integration Templates for all of our Strategic Partners that you can use as is or modify to match your specific business needs.   

Custom Integration Templates can also be built very inexpensively and quickly to connect your instance of BenefitsGuide to any system that has an API or standards-based connectivity.

Complete this form to learn how you can securely automate the movement of data between the different applications used to run your business.

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"This system is the best tool for running our broker agency.  It is customizable, and makes our work flow extremely efficient and is very user friendly.  Our business is lean and more efficient because of BenefitsGuide. We never miss a task because of the way the system works. We have work flows that lead to the next step of selling, servicing and renewing group insurance products.   We have been using BenefitsGuide for over 6 years and couldn’t be happier with it.  The support has been excellent as well with prompt attention and quick responses."

Susan Burns
Licensed Insurance Broker at Gary Levine & Associates, Ltd.

It’s great, we love it. We have been using BenefitsGuide for more than 5 years and could not imagine running the broker business without it. In my 20 years of experience, I’ve used other agency management tools and there is no comparison, these guys got it right. As we add new staff and grow the business, BenefitsGuide makes it easy for new hires to get up to speed quickly. The support is great."

President at Vanguard Benefit Solutions