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Simply by virtue of using this tool and managing your customer support in this structured way, you can use these metrics as insight, make adjustments to your business and then measure your success over time.

See how to use these 7 metrics to improve the performance of your customer support team:

  1. Volume of Requests
  2. Distribution of Requests by Category
  3. Aging (First Response)
  4. Aging (Last Activity to Now)
  5. Aging (Total Time to Close)
  6. Aging (Time in Support)
  7. Temperature Distribution of Requests 

Implementing a customer support application allows your clients and their employees to contact your entire service team simultaneously by emailing your service requests to a dedicated email queue.  Then when an email is received or a phone call is answered in the office, a ticket, or what we call a “Request”, is automatically created.

Because your entire team can see the status of all open “Requests”, they can be resolved more quickly and efficiently.

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"If you are a growing agency and need an organized system that is flexible and scalable to take your business to the next level you need...Benefits Guide. It has completely revolutionized how we track client calls, tasks, emails, new business, renewals, and reporting with his system. We demo'd many products from his competitors before choosing Benefits Guide and for the first time are confident that our house is in order and ready to grow to any size."

Managing Partner at Employee Benefit Services of Maryland
"I have owned my agency for 14 years, and worked in the industry at large firms for another 12, and believe it or not, the workflows in this app have made this the best renewal season EVER! The workflows make all the difference, as little things don't fall through the cracks, everyone knows what to do, and I can check in to see where things are. Mind you, this is a year where 70% of my book renewed in the 4th quarter, and it was so much easier than before."
Kelly Moore
Employee Benefits Consultant, ACA Compliance Expert, HRIS System Provider, Speaker and Blogger