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George with champaign

George monitors all sales activity to make sure that each salesperson makes a minimum number of sales calls or emails to prospective clients each day.

George provides consistent and incredibly detailed oversight, analysis, and email directions, as needed, to your sales people.

George looks at the number of sales calls made daily at 3pm - or whatever time you would  prefer.
If expectations for a productive day have not been met, George instructs the salesperson to make more sales calls or take other corrective actions.
Likewise, if expectations for a productive day or week have been satisfied, George can acknowledge this success with a congratulatory email.
Over a short period of time, along with your enforcement of George's messaging, your sales people will more consistently satisfy your expectations.

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"As far as George goes, I love it and it has made a huge difference in the amount of overdue tasks that we were seeing. I went from getting a TON of George emails for our staff in the first two weeks to getting ZERO for several days at a time and now it’s just here and there that I get anything from George. People do a really good job of closing their tasks or adjusting the dates now to avoid hearing from George. It is a huge time saver as well. He is able to give us daily or weekly updates vs. us having to create and pull reports or login and look at a dashboard for this info.

I also notice that it is MUCH less frustrating for the recipient of the George warning because he is like this little robot so there is no “human aggression” like when you or I check in with a “WHY ARE THERE SO MANY OUTSTANDING TASKS?!”

I think the task monitoring is just a small bit of what the technology is capable of. I am supposed to have another call with Jason to discuss more ways George can help us.
I ❤ George. "


"George has had the biggest impact of anything that we have done"

Director of Culture & Communication  at Employee Benefit Services of MD