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Use This Spreadsheet To Calculate Your Return On An Investment In A New Agency Management System

Use this 5 page interactive calculator to determine the:

  • amount of NEW Commissions you can expect to be generated from additional new business that might not have otherwise sold without some of the unique features of your new agency management system
  • amount of Commission revenue that you can expect to SAVE because you were able to retain clients that might have otherwise been lost without some of the unique features of your new agency management system
  • annualized value of the time saved servicing your existing clients with some of the unique features of your new agency management system

Then calculate your:

  • cost of implementation, both the hard and soft costs
  • ongoing subscription costs
  • free cash generated after expenses during each of the first 3 years, in high, medium and low impact scenarios
  • Your Return On Investment over time

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"This is a great customized benefits managment system. It was truly meets the daily needs of a benefits broker. We are able to quickly look up our clients information which includes detailed plan information on the group. We have records for all activity on the account even down to the employee level. The information is even available to us when we are out of the office. The system provides a roadmap (a set of tasks) that our staff must follow to properly administer our operations. This helps ensure customer satisfaction and a high retention of clients. We are extemely pleased with the system."

Partner at The Medical Link

"If you are a growing agency and need an organized system that is flexible and scalable to take your business to the next level you need...Benefits Guide. It has completely revolutionized how we track client calls, tasks, emails, new business, renewals, and reporting with his system. We demo'd many products from his competitors before choosing Benefits Guide and for the first time are confident that our house is in order and ready to grow to any size."

Managing Partner at Employee Benefit Services of Maryland