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If it really took just a few seconds to create each benefits booklet, would you create one for each of your group clients?

It simply makes sense for an insurance broker to provide a benefit booklet to all of their clients’ employees each and every year as part of the renewal and open enrollment.  

With this one simple tool, you can:

  1. Save Time and Money

    How many benefit booklets do you currently create each year?

    How much time do you currently spend creating those benefit booklets?

    Would you save time answering benefit questions because of the proactive communication?

    Are you paying a 3rd party software vendor to create these booklets for you?

  2. Improve Client Retention

    If you gave all of your clients an updated benefit booklet each year, would you improve client retention because of the value added service?

  3. Win New Business Sales

    Might you be able to use the offer of these beautiful pdf benefit booklets help you to win new business?

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"BenefitsGuide just makes sense! It houses and organizes a massive amount of information in an easy to locate and use fashion. The ability to track and remind us of upcoming tasks will ensure that opportunities and to do items are addressed on time. The training videos are awesome, and the instructions are easy to follow and informative. BenefitsGuide allows me to continue Living the Dream, Selling Insurance! "

Tony Maffeo
Employee Benefits Guru |CEO | Health, Dental, Life Insurance Broker

"the workflows in this app have made this the best renewal season EVER! The workflows make all the difference, as little things don't fall through the cracks, everyone knows what to do, and I can check in to see where things are. Mind you, this is a year where 70% of my book renewed in the 4th quarter, and it was so much easier than before."

California Employee Benefits Consultant, ACA Compliance Expert, HRIS System Provider, Speaker and Blogger