How To Focus Your Sales Efforts with Better Information


When you are prospecting for new business it is not easy to determine if a particular group is going to be worth your time and effort.  Often, by the time you reach the point in your discovery process where you learn the true size of the opportunity, whether it be Health & Welfare commissions or Retirement assets under management, you have already invested so much time that it is difficult to walk away.

Now, with as little as the company name and website or the company name and address, you can use miEdge data to identify both group insurance and retirement planning opportunities.

When you click “Sync with miEdge” from any Account record in BenefitsGuide, the system uses fuzzy logic to match that record with the companies actual filings in the miEdge database.

For those of you that don’t already know, miEdge aggregates federal tax filing data for employee benefit brokers and brokers who sell group retirement plans, and makes that information available in an easily accessible and useful format.

miEdge and BenefitsGuide: Better Business Intelligence Data synced with Insurance CRM built on the Salesforce Platform

Building a pipeline of qualified leads is easy when you can click a button and "Sync with miEdge" Health & Welfare and miEdge Retirement data with your CRM. 

So, how does it work? Want to see a demonstration?

Simply by clicking "Sync with miEdge", you can easily determine if a prospect is worth your time and attention.

For employee benefits brokers, miEdge aggregates health and welfare data from multiple sources, including Form 5500 filing data.  From within BenefitsGuide, you can “sync with miEdge” and find both your prospects and clients reported: 
  • commissions
  • premiumsmiedge-logo-white
  • fees and carrier bonuses
  • lines of coverage
  • renewal dates
  • service providers
  • Self-funded plans
  • stop/loss plans
  • fully insured plans
  • related accounting firms
And for those who sell group retirement plans, you can use miEdge Retirement data to immediately learn everything about your prospect or clients reported:
  • 401k’s
  • 403b’s
  • defined benefit plans
  • defined contribution plans

Immediately learn the plan:data_funnel

  • asset performance
  • size
  • employee participation percentages
  • average assets per employee
  • critical data on fidelity bond compliance
  • hard to find 12b1 fees
  • corrective distributions
  • broker/consultants
  • centers of influence
  • unions
  • renewal dates
  • compliance issues

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